We have one product on the shelf - COMPETENCE!

Therefore, our consultants are also our "gold".

All are consultants are handpicked experts in project and program management. All have minimum 8 years of proven and successful experience in project and / or program management and all have a passion for the profession and hence the desire to constantly develop their skills.

Our goal is that all of our project and program managers must be among the best when the start of ProjectHouse and even better the day they leave us.

Passion for the profession and further development of competence, in our view, can only be achieved by being constantly professionally challenged. It is best done on the "battlefield" with periods when we are pulled out of "fight" to get back to theoretical knowledge and experience with like-minded.

Therefore, ProjectHouse has two rules for our project and program leaders:

1st Get dirty!
No project or program manager can justifiably be expected to remain among the best, if he og her do not have an average of minimum 1,000 hours of project or program management a year.

2nd Get smart!
No project or program manager can rightly be expected to stay professionally updated without at least one skill-training or certification a year.

In order to meet these basic rules, we have since the beginning of 1999 relied on a solid team of consultants (either employees or freelancers), which we know in depth both professionally and personally.

This allows ProjectHouse to always stand up for our consultants, and be sure that our consultants also both understand and work under the conditions as the two basic rules demands and offers.

This also means that we go for long-term customer contracts and the opportunity for each consultant to obtain more than 1,000 hours of billed work. It also means that we at least once a year, offers and invites our consultants to take a qualifying course or certification.

Compared to the two basic rules we do not distinguish between employees and freelancers.

Our customers' requirements are the same and thus are our demands and offers to our consultants also the same regardless of the relationship you have with ProjectHouse.

The focus we have on the above, and our consultants' own skills and passion for the profession does, that both we and our customers can and will make substantial demands on the cooperation and professionalism delivered.

ProjectHouse will not provide poor quality to our customer or to our consultants!