We have seen how to do it, but also how not to do it,

therefore we founded in 1999 ProjectHouse based on some significant persons from both public and private companies. The partner group had a background from jobpositioner as IT executives, project and program managers and senior management consultants.

The idea of ProjectHouse was to create a viable alternative for the provision of project and program management services. This should be based on the partner's experience and familiarity with project management from "both sides of the desk".

In the first period was the basis for the ProjectHouse's current business a number of close relationships with some of Denmark's biggest IT suppliers. Based on a number of projects around the recovery of more troubled IT projects ProjectHouse has developed and assembled a unique competence in project and program management.

Together with partners, it has laid the groundwork for the current ProjectHouse and the future base to fulfill our mission, to be the best project and program managers directly to our customers and of course, while further developing both our own and our partner's capabilities.

In 2005, ProjectHouse was nominated to the Danish Management Award in the category of "best company in IT project management". This, combined with the continued focus on achieving the best certifications in project and program management has ensured that today we are among the preferred partners for IT buyers and IT vendors in terms of qualified project and program management.