In ProjectHouse, we have always had the goal that all our customers should be reference customers, and the mission has succeeded.

As a customer you can at any time ask to speak with one or more of our customers since 1999 and have a frank statement on our competencies and capabilities.

Here on the website you can see some selected references, which both describes the clients we work for, the tasks we solve and what competences the customer's notise in our consultants.

ProjectHouse do not aim to put itself in the general public as our work often takes place as an integral part of our customers' organization. It is our customers who will reap any benefits of profiling.

In ProjectHouse, we are working primarily with long-lasting relationships. About 80% of the tasks we undertake comes from existing customers or by reference to these customers.

We had the pleasure in 2005 that one of our customers nominated ProjectHouse for The Danish Management Award as one of Denmark's 3 best IT Project Management consulting firms.